Across A Dreamland

Progress, not Perfection

I’ve always been a horrible runner.  I was that kid in high school who finished the mile in 11 minutes - and I was TRYING.

Today, during my daily exercise, I was performing a light jog when I decided to engage in a negative split.  And lemme tell you…it was one of the best feelings in the world.  I was flying.  I hate running, but tonight, I didn’t feel as tired as I usually do and I jogged more than I walked.  I was so surprised that it only motivated me to push even harder and continue with my work outs.  I’ve been feeling very reluctant to exercise lately (out of sheer laziness), but this night was a real turning point for me because it always feels good to know that you’re progressing and that your hard work isn’t for nothing!

why do i bring myself down like that

Pretty girls have their insecurities too.

I had this really strange dream last night and I can’t figure out why I had that dream…

But thinking about it makes me smile.

  • Jimmy: Ah kk, I'm sure if you forgot something important then he'd call
  • Me: Yeah. Maybe I left the stove on. HAHA just kidding
  • Jimmy: :|
  • Me: I did that the first day LOL
  • Jimmy: .... I still love you. Even if you go to prison for arson
  • Me: Yay, I'm loved. At least I have that

The only thing that matters

I see the stigma that society has placed on abused women and men, and frankly, it hurts.  I tried to write another post about my experiences with abusive relationships, and I succeeded!  But it’s long gone now because instead of needing to revisit those traumatizing memories, I’m going to count my blessings.

My boyfriend - my very loving, kind-hearted boyfriend - is on his way right now to pick me up for dinner.  And that is the only thing that matters to me anymore.

Until next time :)

The Scary Door

Did I ever tell you about the time I entered the Twilight Zone and luckily found my way out?  Up until this day, I still can’t rationalize or solve what happened to me that night.  My boyfriend was on the phone with me so I know I’m not crazy.  True effing story…